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  • 23/11/2020

    indeed in 8 working days very fast DHL bravo for the fast and safe transfer of the package .. thanks bangood !! The only thing I found And it looks in a photo, in the nozil next to it is so tight the part That is crooked..I do not know if it should be so I hope Yes Do not cause me any defect..Otherwise everything is fine .. I will return with comments the function of the prinder !!

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  • 11/05/2021

    This is the best hobby investment I've made in a long time! This printer is amazing value for money, and while I bought mine on sale for $170, the normal price is still incredibly low for what it delivers. I've owned a Creality Ender 3 for years, and this has become my go-to for every filament, complex, sizable models, it's just better at everything. The one con I can point out about the Tarantula Pro is the complete lack of information out there for it - of course, FDM printers in general are a DIY nightmare, but this printer, in particular, is a dearth of info. So, things to keep in mind: 1 - The cooling fans on this printer do NOT mess around. I have no idea what I'll ever need 100% fan speed for. Print PLA with 40%, 50% if you have overhangs. Less if you need strength. If you leave the fans at 100%, the printer will go into thermal runaway at about 225C, as the hotend cannot keep pace. 2 - The hotend is a HUGE WIN, and can accurately slap down plastic at 80mm/s. It can stay hot no matter how fast I print. But again, zero information given, so "J-style, V6, Volcano, 21mm"are the terms you'll need to replace heads on it. 3 - Tighten your belts. When you think they're tight enough, tighten them again. 4 - Molybdenum grease for the Z screw. Apply it with your least favorite rag, shuttle your gantry up and down, then wipe it all off. 5 - The build surface is great. The adhesive on the bottom is garbage, and trapped air in mine are now bubbles on the build surface. PEI plate inbound. 6 - 0.1mm layers at 40mm/s, 40% fan results is fantastic quality prints. 0.15mm layers at 60mm/s almost cuts the time in half. 7 - 7mm retract, at 50mm/s. The Volcano is a big hot nozzle, and you need big hot, sweaty retraction. Oh my... 8 - The screws on the extruder will work themselves loose. The human that owns them will tighten them over time. 9 - It comes in the wrong box. Do not get excited, you did not get the RS. Please ask any questions here or at Ghost Ryder FPV on YouTube.

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  • 05/03/2021

    Ottima stampante, design curato, rapporto qualità/prezzo tra i migliori. Personalmente ho avuto problemi con il sensore della temperatura dell'hotend (difettoso) e per un montaggio errato sempre dell'hotend (gap tra il nozzle e la battuta della gola, creando grossi problemi di stampa). Assistenza non eccellente ma sufficiente, istruzioni di montaggio veramente basilari (consiglio di vedere su Youtube i tutorial per farlo) e alcuni problemi con viti troppo lunghe o troppo corte.

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  • 28/09/2020

    I'm very satisfied with this printer, it has a good price, delivery was fast and print quality is very good, even I never printed anything before, did no special adjustments beforehand and I just took default values. The design is good, not many exposed parts and cables are neatly organized. However, I wouldn't recommend it for someone who's not willing or able to assemble it, as it came in a box full of parts, nuts, bolts, cables, and much other stuff. It took me several hours to assemble, following a very detailed video from SuperTechDan (look for it in Youtube), which I strongly recommend for the buyers, and it really requires to put hands-on and be careful not to damage any part. I think this is part of the fun and provides a clear understanding of all parts, but if you want something to print after 30 minutes, I suggest you look for another model instead.

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  • 15/08/2020

    It came extremely quickly from the CZ warehouse, earlier than the stated 1 week. Probably the best 3d printer for this kind of money. I think is perfect for a beginner maker that doesn't want to spend a lot of money from the start. It comes as a kit though, that needs to be assembled. It doesn't have assembly instructions in the box, but I put it together following some instructions found on youtube. The parts pack is pretty good, having a 32bit mainboard, a volcano hot end clone, and a titan extruder. My bed came a bit warped on the Y axis, not by much, but with careful bed leveling there are no problems while printing. One drawback is that the spool holder needs to be printed, but the included filament is not sufficient to print it. So, until you manage to print it from the SD card you have to somehow improvise your own holder. Mine came branded as TEVO, not Homers, both on the box and on the bed. It printed fine "out of the box" without needing additional tweaks.

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  • 27/09/2020

    So nun mal meine Erfahrung und Bewertung für diesen Drucker. Anfangs war ich erst skeptisch, ob dieser 3D Drucker für dieses Geld überhaupt was taugt. Naja sagen wir es mal so: Auf jeden Fall klare Kauf Empfehlung!!! Absolut gutes Druck Ergebnis. Der Drucker kommt als Bausatz, wo man locker mal 2-3 Stunden mit dem Aufbau rechnen sollte, ich selbst habe Ihn über YouTube Videos aufgebaut und ausgerichtet. das Ausrichten ist enorm wichtig für die Qualität des Druckes. Sobald alles soweit fertig aufgebaut und angeschlossen war, hab ich den ersten Druck durchgeführt. Anfangs dachte ich omg was macht er da, aber wenn man die Ergebnisse sieht, spitze!!! Es gibt einen YouTuber der diesen Drucker aufbaut testet und noch ein wenig besser einstellt. Ich habe mich den gleichen Einstellungen angeschlossen und bin auch vorher schon vom Ergebnis positiv überrascht worden. Ich habe die Filament Zufuhr geändert und eine hochwertigere bei eBay bestellt, 5€. Aber schaut euch meine Bilder an. Und das schöne an Homers, man kann auch noch alles mögliche upgraden wenn man es möchte. Ich muss dazu sagen das der 3D Drucker echt spitzen Leistung liefert, in dieser Preisklasse. Klare Empfehlung meiner Seitens.

    Orjinali göster
  • 26/09/2020

    An excellent printer, after calibrations it printed better, the SD that came in package was damaged, I still need to calibrate it more, because I am a beginner, but I think it prints very well. It would be good to include the manual, becouse the official video has some errors in the placement of the screws.

    Orjinali göster
  • 27/12/2020

    Ansich ein gutes Gerät,aber... Die zwei Kabel vom Display zum Mainboard sind zu kurz! Eine Schraube der Y-Achse ist zu lang, sie muß gekürzt werden sonst fährt der schlitten nicht. Der Kundendienst reagiert nicht! Ich habe schon drei E-Mails geschrieben und ein Video aber keine Reaktion!

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    Orjinali göster
  • 02/10/2020

    Gostei, demorou para chega pela questão da greve dos correios,mas chegou rápido ao Brasil, só achei que tem muitas partes de plástico diferente da antiga que havia mais partes de metal, acho que isso não vai comprometer na qualidade de impressão mas na durabilidade que vai cair muito

    Orjinali göster
  • 22/01/2021

    Fantastic print quality on first run using Cura via USB. Fast printing, easy to follow videos on youtube for build. Heat bed per-heat is good on this brand faster.

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