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  • May-11 2020 05:23:36

    Arrived with red positive wire disconnected . Re soldered and hot glued.. Really needs better terminal protective wrapping. Pretty much nothing except a nylon sticky wrap. Which really doesn't offer much protection. I suggest you buy kapton tape, and some really high quality electrical tape. Better safe than dead, internally these power supplies store a lot of charge NO JOKE. Finally I wrapped it in car vinyl wrap as the outside casing is earthed. Not saying these are not worth buying . Just be

  • July-07 2020 08:03:00

    Useful for powering chargers like Q8 (in my case), but definitely not stylish to keep on the desk side to side to other hobby items. Pros: stable power out and solid construction (it is a 460W power supply adapted from HP original), 1kg weight. Cons: no power switch, forces to unplug to power off; no outer shell; the XT60 connector is welded on an external plate added on one side of the item, may doubt on lasting on the distance.

  • January-19 2020 19:12:02

    отличный блок питания, подробнее с тестами в обзоре - https://www.kirich.blog/obzory/bloki-pitaniya/793-460-vatt-v-melkom-korobke-da-bez-voprosov-kompaktnyy-12-volt-blok-pitaniya-ot-hp.html

  • September-28 2020 03:55:54

    Mine comes with protected output terminal. Pacakging was only with a layer of bubble wrap. They should put a layer of cupboards as protection at outside. lucky that this order not damaged. regardless packaging, this is worth buy

  • November-28 2019 02:29:04

    посылка прибыла! Потёрта до дыр внешняя упаковка.Но внутри всё цело и всё в комплекте . Работоспособность ещё не проверял. В принципе - рекомендую?) 5 по всему!

  • September-08 2020 16:44:37

    Parfait, le petit bornier pour connecter d'autres câbles d'alim est vraiment pratique. Le câble secteur est par contre inutilisable malgré l'adaptateur européen fourni.

  • April-24 2020 06:12:29

    Very good power supply, it's really 460W. Hp quality, will buy one more. Very good for ISDTs Q8, Q6, etc

  • October-17 2020 12:16:37

    Excelente fuente, genuina HP y completamente silenciosa, la estoy usando en un ISDT Q6 Plus

  • August-11 2020 23:38:49

    nice IT arrived! does what IT should do! i bought IT for use with yuki smart charger Q6! and IT works!

  • June-11 2020 02:18:41

    Fantástico fuente de alimentación. Un poco ruidosa a pleno rendimiento


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