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    2019-10-08 05:32:39

    Great Item. Very fast machine. Added my ddr4 ram, nvme, and 2.5 inch ssd. All works great!! Comes with a nice size laptop style AC adapter. Would recommend.

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    2019-10-26 09:44:11

    Nice unit, quiet and efficient. It makes a slight high pitched noise when in use but can't hear it from desk. Stays pretty cool, can undervolt cpu to make it cooler. Only used 7w electric at idle and about 67w at full load with no undervolt. RAM seems limited to 2400mhz, only basic bios options available like most laptops. Wifi is fine, USB 3 doesn't have much effect on it, I was getting some slight lag the other day but didn't determine the cause. Good value for money and powerful!


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