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erberes 13/08/2021
Bangood shipping was excellent as usual (fast with reasonable packaging). Thanks. The product quality is outstanding. The expressLRS system is probably the best option today, especially for LR as due to the smart utilization of channel it can use more RF power per bit as other systems. It's a pity that extra power distribution board need to be used due to T-lite limited power available for extension (I've tried to leave it out as I never need more than 25mW output power but I had no luck and the supplied wires were too short for this option to be sure that plugging was safe; perhaps the reason why I also had no luck with this kind of setup). I had to use my own double sided tape for the power distribution board as the supplied one was too small for the PCB and also it was not thick enough (I didn't want to risk that something at the bottom punches through the tape and reaches the metal top of the internal RF module). I also had to remove the double sided tape tower pushing the internal RF module as it was in the way of the distribution board. All in all the placement of this board is the weakest part of this whole setup. Assembly of the external module was easy, it's better to place the thermal pad directly to the PCB where it can somewhat stick and not to the painted metal case where it does not stick at all (although this is how the pictures here show). Although there is a power wire but I did not need that so assembly required no soldering, only plugging. Building the firmware was flawless. The Lua script was complaining some version mismatch and I had set force use so WiFi update could be triggered. The WiFi update was also flawless and after that Lua script is working excellent without version issue.
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