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BG231164416 26/12/2021
I write this review after 5 months of use to have the best point of view from this camera. The quality of construction is unquestionably top notch, the quality of video is excellent and the functions are best. When it turns around it is quiet and discreet. I like also that it connects to European servers of Xiaomi Mi home... BUT... For the first 4 months I had connection problems with my home network. Many times it lost the connection with my router and one time, suddenly, it disappeared from the Mi home app so I connected again from the beginning. The last month after a firmware update it works excellent. I hope it continues like this. An another problem I have is with the memory card. It often crashes video recording and gets "ERROR". The memory card may be at fault. Maybe the memory card's speed is fake. I don't know... At some point I will buy an another one better and faster and I will try it. So I give 5 stars for the overall performance, but....
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