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JoGeo 23/02/2022
It arrived well packaged and delivery was quite fast. Features a sealable pouch to store cables or thin USB devices. The two output ports line inside the pouch. Output port support up to 9V. It is waterproof and the build quality is pretty good. The SP-B21 model doesn't come with any accessory such as carabiners or charging cable. By using carabiners you can hang this solar panel to a backpack and use it during walking. Unlike other solar panels, this can be folded while the carabiners are attached. Solar panels are more efficient if the panels are at a 90 degree angle to the sunlight beams. I adjusted the panels at almost a 90 degree angle to the winter cloudy sun, ran a test and got a max of 1.5A 5V output power. It wasn't the sunniest day so in summer sun the output power will be greater than this. I'm a big fan of solar power so the iMars SP-B21 is very beneficial while camping. I'm happy with this portable solar panel USB charger because I can always charge my Li-ion Ni-MH batteries and phones during the day. The brand also has more powerful chargers with four panels and DC output for laptop charging. I suggest to use solar panels in combination with a power bank or a smart battery charger.
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