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  • 22/12/2017

    With the new documentation of it's creator, Pascal Langer, this module is easy to flash via the USB port : https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/master/docs/Compiling_STM32.md

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  • 04/12/2017

    I just had to have the IRX4+ after having owned the IRX4 for several months . I only have the Flysky 9x with stock factory firmware that the IRX4+ can plug into . And it does plug in with no issues . The IRX4+ case has been changed / upgraded to allow insertion into the back of the 9x ( Flysky ) . I was easily able to bind the 9x to my JJRC H36 and have a quick fly . I then put the IRX4+ in my Taranis Q x7 and flew the JJRC H36 again . If you are looking for a multi protocol module for your 9x / 9XR / 9XR pro and you dont want to flash the firmware . Then the IRX4+ is the module you want .

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  • 20/08/2020

    Really nice multi protocol unit. Flashing it was difficult, I wasn’t able to flash it directly from my Taranis X9D 2019. Instead, plug it in to a computer, install drivers using Zadig and use software called Multi Flash. After firmware update it’s working great! I was able to bind my helis and FlySky receivers.

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  • Arnoldo

    This is the best multiprotocol module for my Taranis Q X7 or X9D plus SE. For Taranis is the PPM yellow switch not necessery. The best function is using the protocols over the menu on the taranis. Watch I missing is the not working USB port. For the first you need to flashing a bootloader with FTDI serial module to get working the USB. Banggood - please install for the next IRX4 release a bootloader for using the USB port. Here my HowTo Video for install bootloader for USB (EN subtitles): https://youtu.be/qKsoTQQfy_4 You can get a FTDI adapter here: https://www.banggood.com/FT232RL-FTDI-USB-To-TTL-Serial-Converter-Adapter-Module-For-Arduino-p-917226.html?p=Z626141688898201505V

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  • 08/01/2019

    I use it with my Radiolink RC3S via PPM to drive a bunch of cars with 2-in-1 unit namely Mini-Q and WLtoys. It works well for every car I have. It nees some programming to configure the channels and setup so get a FTDI adapter too.

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  • 31/10/2023

    I just buy 1 piece of this multiprotokol, I can just say BEST OF!. My version is with flashed bootloader, I can flash it withou any additional soldering. Only little modification requited - you can see in added pictures... I use it in Turnigy 9X and there is bigger plastic holder of pins in module bay, so multimodule has to be little modified wit cutting 😉. After that, module nice fit in hole, just CLICK-CLACK 😉. I use soft tape, too, for better fitting in module hole. Flashing of module firmware withou any problems with latest version on, just only follow website options and instructions...: https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/master/docs/Compiling_STM32.md Module just tested and binding with AFHDS2A protocol... FlySky, so I want to test with another brands, I want to be sure, it is really multiprotocol 🤣. With this module I give second live for my transmitter Turnigy 9X! Now, I have "Superb" multiprotocol radio...: - flashed latest version of Er9x...v822 - multiprotocol module with latest fw - just only telemetry modification is missing, maybe later 😉 Bellow you can see any pictures. Thanks again for this item! Jozef.

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  • Arnonos

    Fonctionne à Merveille dans ma Qx7S ! Il faut faire la mise à jour du module et tout fonctionne a merveille. Il est du coup possible de choisir le protocole et de bind directement via la radio sans avoir besoin de manipuler le Switch a l'arrière. il suffit juste de le laisser en position Haute. Livraison très rapide en France. Merci beaucoup Banggood. Works wonderfully in my Qx7S! You have to update the module and everything works fine. It is therefore possible to choose the protocol and bind directly via the radio without having to manipulate the Switch at the back. you just have to leave it in the High position. Very fast delivery in France. Thank you very much Banggood

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  • 09/09/2019

    With this module in either my Taranis X9D Plus or Turnigy 9XR-Pro, I can bind and fly all my quads, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.This includes the Blade Inductrix FPV, Blade Inductrix Pro FPV, Cheerson CX-95S, Syma X1, SBEGO Pocket Drone 124, Tryant 215 with FrSky XRS Rx, Blade 200SRX Heli, Blade MXR Heli and many fixed wing aircraft. This module also gives you 12 channels DSMX/DSM2, 16 Channels FrSky and telemetry if the receiver is telemetry enabled. See pictures for set up.

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  • 04/05/2019

    Ho ricevuto il prodotto in tempi brevissimi. Il modulo è veramente valido sia per ciò che concerne le caratteristiche tecniche , sia per quanto riguarda la sua installazione e settaggio. Personalmente lo utilizzo su una QX7 e il funzionamento è prefetto. Ottimo prodotto.

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  • 20/01/2018

    I was able to bind my 8 plane and drones with different receivers with no problem. RSSI goes low compared to my internal Transmitter module.

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