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  • 2019-03-13 07:27:21

    the roll up piano is working well, all the piano keys are working.. the shipping is pretty fast and only takes 10 days from china to Indonesia..

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  • sisi
    2019-03-02 14:28:56

    At the moment everything Well. Thanks

  • 2019-03-26 11:29:56

    Пришло быстро... Но... во первых будте готовы раскошелиться на переходник на обычный штекер розетки либо зарядное от USB .Во вторых - при выборе почтальона не выбирайте DHL. вымогают деньги. Прислали письмо, мол либо я произвожу все операции с таможней через них, либо они отсылают

  • Splerin
    2016-05-12 12:27:20

    I have connected to the pc and use Synthesia as software, works great. sound is great you can play both hands without problems... -1 Star for the european electric plug adapter this is not safe! needs to be improved.

  • Mike_K
    2020-06-11 02:12:44

    The sound of this piano is really professional. Easy to stash, because of the rubber keyboard. The keys, though, are somewhat less responsive if pressed lightly. Sometimes if pressed harder they play the note twice. But all this is up to learning how to play it. Very easy to connect as a MIDI keyboard through USB. The charger is not fir for EU. Needs a simple adaptor.

  • yves
    2020-01-06 02:50:00

    trés long a arriver la prise n'est pas une prise europeene il faut donc acheter un adaptateur le touché est un peu particulier parfois les notes sont doublées le son est correct le caoutchou a l'air de bonne qualité lorsque l'on ne peu pas emporter son piano en we. c'est un bon compromis pour pouvoir travailler

  • rebecca
    2016-02-28 11:51:19

    Très bon produit. Il est arrivé en 13 jours bien que le numéro de suivi ne fonctionne pas. Je n'ai pas payé les frais de douane (ce que j'ai pu lire dans certains commentaires). Muni d'une sacoche il est pratique a transporté. Cela ne remplacera pas un vrai piano mais il est très utile pour dépanner si on a pas de piano sous la main. Il n'est évidemment pas fait pour du travail de précision (notamment les morceaux qui demandent de la rapidité d’exécution). On doit appuyer assez lourdement

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  • 2018-01-23 17:49:21

    I’ve received the product today so satisfied with banggood. My only problem is that I couldn’t find how can I avoid the keys to repeat the note instead of sustain. I do not want to use the peddal all the time and the only problem is with just a slice move the note is heard again. I would like to know if there is a way to avoid it. Tnx 🤗

  • 2015-12-15 16:30:08

    After a lot of doubts I bought this piano. And I must say: the sound is better than I expected. And there are a lot of sounds to produice with this device. You do need to use the pedal to make the sound continu. And of course this is not a real piano. You should get used to touch it the right way. The only negative thing I can name is: the manual is in Chinese with some English words. So for example the content of chapter 9 is a great mystery to me. But with trial and error everbody will manage to

  • 2015-12-15 19:48:02

    I received all the tracking no. But can not track. I was in Hong Kong but the tracking is in Singapore speed post. I call up they do not have any recorded. My tracking no. Is EC416972115SG. The China EMS is no record too. Thanks!

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