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  • January-30 2016 14:51:35

    I would never shave with this or use it for any purpose because it is too dangerous to use, especially near my face. straight edge razors should never have any burrs or imperfections. This one has all of the above as well as chips in the blade. These will cut your face as you shave. Also, the handle is flimsy plastic. It is not a suitable foundation for a razor sharp blade. There is no blade lock or even friction to hold the blade in place, meaning the blade can close on your fingers.

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  • October-11 2016 09:58:22

    Me gusto mucho el producto acero 100 % muy buenas.

  • October-20 2016 07:46:07

    I'm satisfied with this razor, the quality is good (steel and plastic) the weight is correct, I recommend it.

  • October-10 2017 02:33:59


  • September-11 2015 03:52:09

    First, those knows are absolutely not shave ready! You should know this. But if you are looking for great cheap knifes to sharpen yourself, it's quite a brilliant deal. The haft is very crude plastic. But the steel is quite nice. Once you sharpened it right. It's a relatively heavy razor. But I think I can get used to the weight.

  • August-07 2014 23:09:56

    This razor arrived in 7 days from Hong Kong or whatever and given I'm in New Zealand it probably beat some of our domestic mail. The blade was in good condition but completely blunt. Absolutely perfect for my needs though because I wanted to get something to practice honing on as I'd rather not practice on my Dovo Bismarck. By the time I'm finished with it we'll be HHT'ing and I'll be BBS. It is what it is. If you think your going to be able to match a Puma, Dovo or Richard Wade for $4 then you're

  • July-10 2015 16:43:57

    This razor is quite crudely made but it is very cheap. The edge as shipped is not really suitable for shaving but that is to be expected because it takes a while to put a good edge on. I haven't honed mine yet but I expect it to produce a decent edge.

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  • June-30 2015 01:05:45

    this is great straight razor for the price. this is not professional tool but it can do it's purpose although I think it should be honed first. it cuts hairs on hand with ease while on strong beard it loose it's edge alignment pretty quickly. that probably means that steel used should be bit harder (note for manufacturer). it may happen that you will need to stop this razor before and during shave because of this. anyway, this is cheap razor so value for the money is good. keep good job BANGGOOD!

  • June-05 2017 01:49:27

    quality is not perfect, but nice for price. in end of blade there was some "dumb" but it disappeared after proper sharping. Razor is used for shaving without problems.

  • September-23 2016 19:32:15

    THe blade is not well made,as i expected, but i mould and sharpened as was to do, in Italy on " Real Barbers" shave,nothig special....better my oldie,but Real STEEL METAL SHARP. Item is nothing special.


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