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wilhil 12/01/2021
Design looks great. Lightweight and hardly taller than the full size 18650 cell inside. The downside of this is that temperature protection kicks in very soon at turbo position. I use it mainly on medium-low luminosity though. It has this perfect Anduril U.I. that takes a while to get used to, but is just so great and versatile. I am happy with the emitter I selected. The 4000K SST20 seems warmer than the 3200K XPL Hi in one of my older flashlights, but colours still look much more natural. I wanted a slightly warmer tint, because it is easy on the eyes and the candle flame effect - which I use regularly - looks awfull in neutral or cool white. Head band is very good and useful with this lightweight flashlight. Clip is included. The luxurious metal switch clicks with just a light touch, so I need to remind myself to switch on the lockout mode after use by clicking 4 times. Unfortunately the switch button is not recessed en disconnecting the battery takes many twists. No aux leds around the main leds or at the switch, but that's fine. It is good to have several different lights for different situations. Magnet at the bottom is just strong enough and also useful. All in all I am really happy with this new HL3A.
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