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  • February-20 2020 15:56:35

    Good charger! Cheap, easy, nithing more, works as it should.

  • January-09 2020 06:53:50

    pocket-size charger, you can use it as a small power bank too.

  • July-11 2016 17:49:40

    Quickly delivered, 9 days to England / UK. Came in a plastic resealable see through pack, with a 600mm long micro USB Connector. This was then wrapped in a small Bubble Wrap bag around each charger (bought several as on offer). No instructions included. Used Internet reviews to find out operation: Default current is 500mAh and 1.2V NiMh, or 3.7V Li-Ion, selected automatically. Higher or lower Li-Ion V selected by clicking the button on front to select one of the top 3 settings, lights up Blue when

  • September-07 2017 04:15:39

    The Lii-100 charger is a good quality product for a very reasonably price. The charge rate can be switched between 0.5 A and 1.0 A for both Lithium and NiMH batteries. NiMH and Litihium batteries with 3.7/4.2 V are detected automatically, for LiFePO4 and Lithium with 3.85/4.35 V the voltage must be choosen manually. I've modified the charger with a 0.28" digital voltmeter to use it as a simple voltage tester too.

  • August-24 2016 08:19:42

    If you need a small and portable single bay charger that is able to charge Lithium batteries as wel as NiMh (AA, AAA, C and D) then this is the one to get. The quality of the plastic shell is not the best but more than sufficient. Most importantly the quality of the electronics inside is very good. The powerbank feature can only be used with Lithium batteries. For an extensive review and teardown please visit: http://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20LiitoKala%20Lii-100%20UK.html (not my wo

  • July-01 2016 12:57:01

    Беру себе уже пятую зарядку (остальные просили друзья в подарок) Очень неплохо заряжает (и литий и никель) Неплохо работает как ПБ (похуже чем МЛ) Но цена!!! Цена оправдывает любые недостатки

  • June-21 2016 07:14:16

    Каждое зарядное устройство имеет свою упаковку. Зарядное устройство собрано качественно. Кабель усб любым концом вставляется с натягом, что очень хорошо. При подключении к зарядному устройству происходит автоматическое определение типа аккумулятора и его уровня заряда, после

  • September-04 2017 07:11:58

    The charger is much better than the standard plug in type as it can be used with a UK 3 Pin Adapter and plug into a wall socket making it much more stable and secure with the added addition of being able to choose the charge rate that battery's or power units are charged at giving a clear illuminated display as to the choice of charge and the capacity the batter has reached. This makes it much more efficient and can be clearly seen at all times so is well worth the minute difference in the price to

  • April-05 2017 06:40:47

    Many features for such a small price. Can charge Li-ion (including high voltage Li-ion), Ni-MH and Liepo4 cells. Charge rate can be set 500mA or 1A. Simple selection with just a single button. Only downside is you need your own Micro USB power supply. Can't Go Wrong. I bought one when it was on offer at an unbelievable £2.86.

  • September-22 2016 08:12:08

    Качественно сделанное устройство с индикация уровня зарядки аккумулятора Имеет индикацию заряда аккумулятора (25, 50, 75 и 100%), и возможностью выбора тока заряда (0,5~1А). В случае необходимости можно использовать как повербанк (с аккком 18650). Имеет защиту от перезаряда, неправильной


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