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  • 10/02/2021

    I will start with the bad: It is thin metal case, so is prone to bend. Mine arrived with some minor dents and some others are prone to appear due to case handling, especially since the case is tiny and is not easy to mount in. Also, the painting is easy to come off, only from the mounting process i already have some minor spots where you can see the raw aluminum. Now the goods: Overall i think it looks quite nice, it can fit regular size components, like a atx psu and matx motherboard (tough in the pictures I'm using a itx board). So far i think i achieved a decent airflow, i mounted a 120mm Aircooler on the front/top, a slim 120mm fan on the front/botton, and a 120mm fan as an exaust on the side. I'm running an 3800x and no issues here. The case is quite small, 16l to acomodate regular sized hardware is nothing to scoof at, i just whish for some more "premium" materials. Finally There is some things to consider: on the ad is says there is clearance for 260mm long graphics, while this is true this removes your clearance for 240mm AIO, hence why i went with 120mm and only a slim fan (tough a regular fan would fit, i just had this slim fan lying around) Also, i bought the aio prior to the case arriving, because i trusted the ad on the strict 150mm height, but after some measurement i think it is a little higher than that, so, i COULD be wrong about that, but it should be ok to go with some air coolers that goes a little above like 154mm or what not. tough you would likely lose the exaust fan on the side.

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  • 26/10/2020

    thanks.quick shipping.good quality

    Orjinali göster
  • 27/09/2020

    Value is good. Material is thin gauge steel. Arrived with a dent and some pushed in areas. It is a real diy pc box. It has mounting standoffs for itx board. Prepunched holes for usual items. I got 2. 1 is perfect with pushed in areas but can be pushed out easily. 1 has a dent with a crease may not roll out easily.

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  • 14/09/2020

    very fast shipping. fits a 23,5*23,5cm MB perfectly.

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