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MichiganMike 2018-01-14 00:45:41
I like this microscope. The image is very fine. The magnification as I measured is from 4.8X up to 29X, not the stated 600X as advertised. The battery lasted over one hour on a full charge. It took about 2 hours to recharge. The unit I received has a slight malfunction. When adjusting the focus, there is a spot where the image will jump and lose focus. I think there is some imperfection in the track that the lens travels on. This is unfortunate. I will take the unit apart and see if I can repair this. I have attached photos taken with this microscope. Very nice resolution.
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  • MichiganMike I was able to fix the issue with the camera jumping. I took the unit apart and found the slide that the camera moves on was hitting the battery. I noticed that the battery was not fully stuck on the sticky pad. Once I properly stuck the battery in place, the camera moved smoothly. Very happy now!

    Cevap 2018-01-20 07:54:12
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