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jjjjmalic 28/10/2020
Although proccesing time was a bit high (ordered Oct 4th and shipped Oct 15th) it tooks 13 days to arrive only. No import duties were applied fortunately. BG order team contacted me by email and solve the problem with shipping method. Satisfied. The engraver came well packet, inserted in foam. All parts complete, no damages. The only improvement point can be add an anti-static bag/foam to the controller board. Still pending assembly and first testing. Construction and materials looks robust and there is no signs of wobbling. I bought it cause wireless and standalone operation options. It comes with GRBL 1.1 firmware but can not be used directly with third party software (Lightburn, LaserGRBL, etc) but propietary Vigotec VigoWorks software only instead becasue the ESP32-WROOM has propietary firmware to connect to the CH330N USB interface chip and to the Atmel 328P procesor. However an small modification in the controller board can be done easily to make it compatible :-), using a 4PDT switch and small soldering to allow switch the board between Vigotec mode and third party software mode compatible.
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  • hiobeczek any chance you could share instructions on that 4PDT switch and getting it to work with lightburn?

    Cevap 28/10/2020
  • jjjjmalic Not time tondo It nos but you can search for "VG-L7X" in GitHub and you wiill find a "VG-L7X wiki!!" article done by arkypita user (the "LaserGRBL" software creator). Then go to "Hardware Hack" section. You will find there how are wired the ESP32WROOM with the CH330N chip and the Atmel 328P. That way you will realize yourself how tondo It. Do at your own risk. Think that warranty expires with the modification. Good luck

    Cevap 29/10/2020
  • jjjjmalic Search in Github by "Laser Vigotec VG-L7x WiFi LaserGRBL issue #1123"

    Cevap 21/11/2020
  • Blackliz wigo works v3.0 software (shitty sofware) often crashes when switching between jpeg and dxf
    Does it happen to you too?
    Soon I will also make the switch to `` laser grbl ''

    Cevap 05/12/2020
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