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reedadam 2020-01-17 14:14:46
Price value champion, stunning little "jewelry" flashlight. Brightness is very good, and the light is well balanced, floody enough and throws as well. Of course not the brightness level of a Convoy s2+ xml, but still decent. The very low mode could be a bit fainter, more "moonlight" type, but this level is just not too bright, as it should be. Color temperature is around 4000K, as advertised, 5C is my favourite. The build and overall quality is similar to the Olight s15r Baton ( I have that one as well, that one is the "father" of this lantern probably ). The surface finish is different from Olight, but for feeling, touch and homogenity, I would say outstanding. Small things like the branded USB cable, the "thank you" label on the box are very nice. I'm worried about waterproofness a bit, because the switch rubber cap rotates easily, but I belive it is sealed well. Minir con: the attaching of the lanyard to the tailcap is not easy, because the the inner "fishing line" pierces the fabric cover and can not thread it to the tiny mouning hole. For me it is not an issue,but they should test it next time better. I could manage finally with threading wire, but telling the thruth, the lanyard is simply ugly on this masterpiece in my opinoin :) Firmware is ok, the button reactions are well defined and the click feeling is also good for me. I like the mode lock option, when you can select your favourite brightness level, and until the next unlock, you will have the prefferred mode only, and the button works like ON OFF swith. For me very useful. So that is my first impression review. I have several piece and brand of flalights, this is my first OnTeRoad, but not the last for sure!
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