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Cornel 2019-01-13 16:30:32
Word of advice: many have gone up in flames for the lack of a capacitor on the input. I'm using mine with 330 uF low-ESR. Pretty bulky, I know, but if you can squeeze in at least a pair of small 100 uF caps, you'll be way way safer and happier then with the bare ESC. My biggest gripe is with the advertised dimensions. I hoped to fit them inside my 14mm OD / 12mm ID carbon tubes. But the little buggers are actually 12.5 x 27.5 mm instead of the 10 x 20 mm advertised, so it's a no-go, that's why I cut a star from the rating Otherwise, they perform well, get barely warm on desk-tests, can't judge outdoors temperature due to sub-zero winter weather, but they happily sing the starting sequence of Imperial March at boot and have flown so far without a hitch. I'm still driving them old-school PWM. I'm waiting for better weather to switch to DShot.
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