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dodge_911 2018-03-31 08:44:29
Let’s begin with performance regarding output current :
all of the manufacturers’ specifications met and exceeded,
both using 5V/USB as well as 9V/QC3.0 and 12V/QC3.0. Please keep in mind that prolonged output above specification
will result in a shutdown of output by the powerbank. When charging this powerbank exhibited voltage drops,
regardless of current or protocol; Xiaomi’s latest powerbanks all behave like this in my tests, so it is nothing to worry about. 

As with almost all of the latest powerbanks I’ve tested, this one takes it’s charge using QC2.0 #9V. The output capacity using 5V/USB output ends up reasonably close the (theoretic) maximum specification and even closer to the manufacturer specified typical capacity. Using QC2.0 output (I tried multiple ways to trigger QC3.0, but no luck) this powerbank doesn’t quite reach manufacturer specified typical capacity, but that is nothing to worry about, the difference is quite small. The gap between 5V performance and QC performance is closing,
the difference I measured in capacity is small. Passthrough charging is supported, on both output ports simultaneously even, but input and output voltage are limited to 5V.

A nice feature on the newer Xiaomi powerbanks is the low power output mode, for charging low-power devices such as bluetooth earphones or fitness wearables. This is an excellent followup to an already excellent powerbank,
the dual USB-A version is a nice addition to the range.

If you’re in the market for a 10.000mAh powerbank with dual outputs,
I’d recommend checking this one out.
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