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dodge_911 2018-03-31 08:31:35
Let’s start off with performance regarding output current :
all manufacturers’ specifications are met and well exceeded,
both using 5V/USB as well as 9V/QC3.0 and 12V/QC3.0. Please keep in mind that prolonged output above specification
will result in a shutdown of output by the powerbank. The specs state that this powerbank supports charging and discharging up to 20V via it’s Type-C port. I could not check the charging part, because I don’t have a 20V-capable charger yet. However, when doing the output analysis in the Type-C, 20V came up as unsupported. Now, it could be something to do with my testing setup, but I also tested it with the ZKETech loads which can handle 20V and support it and in those tests I was not able to achieve 20V output. The output capacity using 5V/USB output does not quite reach manufacturer specified typical capacity and ends up at just about 15% of the (theoretic) maximum specification, that’s an okay score,
but I’ve seen better figures from similar LiPo-pack based powerbanks, but then again, I’ve seen worse figures too. Using QC3.0 output this powerbank does a little bit better, but here too does not quite reach manufacturer specified typical capacity.
The gap between 5V performance and QC performance is much smaller with this powerbank when compared to other powerbanks. Passthrough charging is supported, but output voltage
is limited to 5V but this powerbank can not be used as a sort of UPS, whenever power is connected the powerbank will reset, interrupting its output. The USB hub is a nice and quite unique feature, which I like a lot. This powerbank does well in all of my tests.
Not well enough to do very well, but well enough.
If you’re looking for a lot of power and you need the USB hub functionality, I’d recommend taking a look at this powerbank.
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