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BG213514373 23/03/2023
Delivery of the product was within less than a week (CZ to GR). You can immediately tell by the quality of the materials and the detailed user guide that this is a very good product. Assembly is easy and there are detailed instructions in the manual. I was interested in using the wi-fi capabilities and in the end I was very pleased by the Tuya Smart App. These are the steps in order to connect to the feeder: - home wi-fi must be set-up at 2.4GHz (there is no support for the 5GHz band). - download the app on your smartphone or tablet - enable the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone or tablet - power on the pet feeder - allow the app to search for Bluetooth devices (instructions given within the app) - the device is recognized as PAF-02 and you are good to start scheduling - you can set up different feeding hours (i.e. 7 am, 11am, 4 pm, 9pm) and also specify the number of feedings (10gr portions) you want to supply each time.
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