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İncelemenin bir kısmı otomatik olarak çevrildi.

  • 26/05/2021

    World perfectly with my old volumio Raspberry. Easy configuration as HIFIBerry plus dac. Only the IR port to change to GPIO 26 and that's it.

    Orjinali göster
  • 29/08/2019

    Awesome little DAC. The sound is mind-blowing with perfect crisp clear output for highs,mids and low frequencies. Definitely audiophile class, pairing it with a good set of amp and speakers will do wonders. I use an active set of Philips 2.1 ch speakers currently playing/streaming audio through raspberry pi + volumio setup. The sound output is perfectly balanced and you can feel the overall warmth in the output. My dream of setting up web radio on RPi has come true with cute but powerful little DAC. Definitely and absolutely top class!! Don't hesitate,just buy it and listen to the magic unfold!

    Orjinali göster
  • 07/04/2019

    Very good value for the price ! This is my second pifi dac+ (for my new rasberry pi3 b+), and the sound is always very, very good ! At this price, this is simply amazing. I use it without any problem with Volumio and other sound applications. With a little bit of configuration, you can also use it for real time sound applications, like virtual orga ns or synthesizers (with jackd). I only give 4 stars for "appearence" because even if all the components seem to be of excellent quality, the assembly is sometimes approximate. In addition, the spacers are a little too long, and prevent the module from plugging into the end of the GPIO pins.

    Orjinali göster
  • 03/01/2019

    Molto buono! Riconosciuto correttamnete in automatico come HiFiBerry DAC Plus con Volumio (ver 2.502) su RaspberryPi3B+ Ottimo suono abbinato ad un semplice T-Amp da 10W

    Orjinali göster
  • 14/01/2020

    I make the with raspberry.volumio....good hi-fi..and clarity sound.nice and small product

    Orjinali göster
  • 04/01/2019

    Ideal for audiophiles. Also you need hifi amplifier,headphones and software like VOLUMIO.

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    Orjinali göster
  • 13/11/2021

    Tolle Qualität. Es hat gleich funktioniert auf meinem Raspberry Pi 4B mit Volumio 7.2.2 Ich brauchte auch kein stärkeres Netzteil dafür. Leider war die Verpackung nicht gut - nur eine Plastik-tüte. Das geht besser. Außerdem habe ich wegen Liefer-Schwierigkeiten 3 Monate darauf warten müssen. Es ist sehr gefragt. Man muss viel Zeit mitbringen.

    Orjinali göster
  • 06/03/2021

    very good

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    Orjinali göster
  • 12/02/2021

    Before i used a usb sound card output for raspberry 3. This was not bad but this PiFi HIFI DAC really rocks. I'am very happy with it.

    Orjinali göster
  • DH2VIP4

    Bought 2 of these and they works great!!! tested and supported directly in moOdeAudio, RuneAudio and Volumio I recommend 100%

    Orjinali göster

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