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  • September-04 2020 18:34:09

    I’m really happy with these 2 I purchased. not sure about value for price as I see there are cheaper crawlers here and it was a quick purchase. Not sure if the supplied charger is a smart charger as the battery got really hot after several hours so I charge battery with my smart charger. NIMH battery life seems really good. There are no lights on top of blue car like in the box photo but lightheaded lights work great.

  • October-12 2020 15:32:41

    Das Auto ist sehr schön und lässt sich sehr gut fahren, macht qualitativ einen guten Eindruck. Allerdings ist der Versand sehr schlecht. Modell kam in einem plastic beutel verpackt an, der original Karton war beschädigt und stark eingedrückt, zum Glück war das Modell nicht beschädigt!

  • July-23 2020 04:10:18

    This is a very good little truck, better than description lets think. Body looks in real much better than on the pics, very sturdy lexan, foldable plastic mirrors, cage, front grill, ... (no transparent windows). It comes with a rebranded DumboRC X4 radio (works with other DumboRC receivers) and a DumboRC receiver with integrated lightcontroller which works with Dumbo 4ch and 6 ch radios (only 4 ch work, ch 5 and 6 do not work). Light can be controlled by ch 3 (hazard lights) and ch 4 (on, off,

  • September-23 2020 21:56:26

    A very strong well built 1/16 rock crawler. I had a blast with this RGT crawler!

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  • September-23 2020 12:25:59

    What a fun little truck. Tons of performance for the price! AND LIGHTS YOU CAN TOGGLE ON OND OFF. Chech out my review on my YouTube channel (Run That Rc) for a run and overview.

  • October-02 2020 12:01:20

    barang bagus normal pengiriman sangat cepat hanya 6 hari sudah sampai indonesia. minus hanya 1 kardus kondisi sudah agak kurang bagus. tapi overall oke lah

  • October-09 2020 15:09:48

    Entregado en el tiempo estimado y todo correcto

  • September-21 2020 01:04:53

    box needs more protection

  • November-03 2020 19:26:25

    Beware, if you;re buying in the US, this crawler only comes with a European plug cord set for the charger. You will need to purchase an adapter in order to charge your battery unless you already own a charger equipped with a T-plug. For the 2 minutes I got to run it on the little bit of charge, the crawler seemed nice. Really quiet. Plus, being able to dial back the throttle really helped a lot with control. Looking forward to modding this up.

  • November-10 2020 07:45:24

    only thing i bought on bang goods that's worth it so far. trail truck not rock crawl. it can crawl no doubt. low speed is touchy use programming. pumpkin is why it doesn't rock crawl the best but... driver skills matter on that note as well. tires are awesome for the application of course.


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