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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • September-28 2020 21:32:27

    amazing for DC current & voltage Watts *****,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,*****

  • November-24 2016 15:40:58

    I use this as a lipo charger and as multimeter ans as power supply. Pro: The unit is very quiet. The fan only runs when the heatsink is getting warm. With no/limited load it wont run at all. The PSU withstands a shortcut on the output for 2 hours @ 15 Amps. The hottest parts inside were about 47degree (IR-camera measured). The accuracy is good! Voltage: <= 0.02V@>10V and <=0.04V@<10V on the input terminals, <= 0.01@>12V and <=0.02@<12V on the output terminals the measurement

    Yorumlar (1)
  • October-19 2017 01:02:23

    Tested with a lab power supply, 30V input, 10V, 5A out on an active load (that are the limits of my test set not of the power supply). Efficiency 97.5%, ripple 10mV peak to peak. All the internal parts really cold. The menu is very useful and ergonomic with a lot of interesting functions. What else?

  • June-11 2017 20:14:07

    Great Product, it works very well. Built it in a Case with the 100A Digital Power Meter from Banggood :). I like the Products from Banggood. Thanks Banggood :)

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  • October-18 2017 14:28:06

    Заказал для 2х канального ЛБП на основе серверных ИБП на 930ВТ. Второй буду брать с USB управлением. До 50В поднял повышающим подобного типа https://www.banggood.com/1200W-20A-DC-Converter-Boost-Step-up-Power-Supply-Module-IN-10-60V-OUT-12-83V-p-1006423.html?rmmds=search

  • October-10 2017 11:24:55

    Good packaging. Very good product and with very useful panel and functions. Not yet deeply tested but it looks precise in measured amps and volts. Easy to assemble the panel to the main board and very intuitive to use. I suggest to label the connectors for avoid any kind of mistake. A must have for experiments with LEDs or as basic workbench power supply unit. I will use it with a 50Vdc switch power supply unit with a variable output (Banggood product ID 1115463). Prodotto molto bello, ben costruito

  • sensys
    March-12 2017 08:52:31

    Очень качественная и продуманный модуль. Продуманное управление и большое количество сервисных настроек. Точность поддержания напряжения и тока очень высокая. При включении с подключенной нагрузкой работает стабилизация тока, а потом напряжения - шансы сжечь нагрузку минимальные.

  • December-27 2017 04:14:59

    Perfetto per alimentare i miei laser come si vede in foto controllo costante della corrente e molto preciso. strumento consigliatissimo alimentatore costruito con trasformatore da 35V ac 19A che stabilizzato raggiunge 4980V

  • March-09 2017 23:35:03

    Качество на высоте! Показания точны, выход стабильный. Идеально сглаживает пульсации от импульсного БП.

  • October-02 2017 00:16:04

    Отличное устройство! Мощное, небольшое, очень точное. До этого было DPS3005, это намного удобнее и лучше.


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