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  • 08/04/2022

    super fun truck, I wouldn't say hobby grade but dam close, wicked fun to play with indoors or garage, outside as well, the drift tires will go fast on concrete. road tires are nice addition as well. car/truck is well built, take alot to break it, the controller it comes with I think is great, haven't had any issues so far owned it for probably two months, my 4 year old plays with it so it's easy to use. only gripe is the headlights don't work, the red doesn't work clear does. I plan to order few more for some friends, I hope they come out with more body options or other vehicles with similar qualities. thanks bg

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  • 05/01/2022

    amazing car, servo makes some noise but its normal. drift tyres are a lot of fun indoors. after emptying the battery, charging is taking over 1.5 hours now and still not full. impressed with the factory charge as of now, it gives u a lot of playtime. motor does get hot, can't wait to tune it. lots of bang for buck with this rc car!!!

    Orjinali göster
  • 22/02/2022

    Very impressed with the product. Agile and fast, plenty of power. Very nice that it comes with two sets of tires. Drift wheels work good on carpet. I made drifting wheels for laminate floor, just added some textile electrical tape on the rubber wheels. They work perfect. Battery lasts about 20-30 minutes, depending of your finger. As a automotive engineer I have to point out that it needs adjustable steering links, wheel geometry cannot be adjusted. Despite the geometry it handles good. Esp works also, but when drifting, it is better to turn off to get nice long powerslides. Very fast shipping from poland. Highly reccommend!

    Orjinali göster
  • 25/09/2021

    The truck is very good for the money, the gyro is a nice touch and for its scale it is powerful enough when I take it to a local go kart track, although not powerful enough for the straights. One thing out of the box the pinon and spur gear mesh are far to tight cause extra heat due to increased friction this can be fixed by putting a shim on the right side screw. Also I don't like how the ESC and reciver are combined. Now I am completely rebuilding it with my own electronics, a 5400kv racestar motor and a 120 amp hobbyking ESC I am super stoked to see how this thing perform with some more power.

    Orjinali göster
  • 28/08/2021

    this car is so good. it is powerful and good for drifting. the remote is good and have some tunings. i could not see the difference when I turn on the ESP. the car can handle hits and crashes but it is better to be careful with it since it does not feel very strong. one of the wires of the headlight (right red circle light) got detached from the headlight while I open the body shell because it was not strong enough, but the all other lights works fine and it is not a big deal for me since it is only light so still 5 stars. overall very good rc for the price. highly recommend.

    Orjinali göster
  • 12/07/2022

    Robuster kleiner Einsteigerdrifter. Der Kleine hat auf jeden Fall viel Spaß damit. Fahrzeit bei Vollgas ca. 25 Minuten. Einstellen kann man den kleinen Rc auch auf drei Stufen ( Geschwindigkeiten).

    Orjinali göster
  • 29/05/2022

    Hibátlan állapotban kaptam meg az autót. Pofás darab, az első próba alapján tökéletesen működik. A drifteléshez még kísérletezgetek az ESP-vel, érdekes megoldás. A 2 garnitúra kerék nagyon hasznos, jó hogy nem kell külön megvenni. Az autó nagyon tetszik, ajánlott.

    Orjinali göster
  • 10/03/2022

    I really love the design of this little 1/16 Drift Car. Actually It looks like a little Arrma Infraction and the quality is not bad at all for the price. One of the main reason why I bought this car are the red devil eyes. The led lights are amazing for this little Drifter and the gyro (unusual for this price) makes his job pretty well. But during my third run a little plastic part broke away because I hitted the wall ...so it was definitely my fault. That is not a big issue because you can order a huge amount of spare sparts for this RC Car. Finally I have ordered a second SG 1603 to be prepared for the future.

    Orjinali göster
  • 08/08/2022

    It’s really good quality for its price. 2 main kinks that are easily fixed are the front and rear diffs come too tight from factory and not greased. Just take them apart, fill them with grease, and when you put them back together don’t do it as tight. Also it rides too high so put some spacers on the shock pistons to lower the car. It improves looks and also prevents the rear drive shafts from binding. I used some o-rings inside, about 2 millimeters front and rear. All in all it’s awesome and fun to play around with.

    Orjinali göster
  • 26/08/2021

    I saw some reviews online for this RC truck and everyone had pretty good reviews of it. I've played with it for a handful of hours with it and I have to say so far I've received more value than I thought I would. Everything works out of the box. You can fine tune the settings on the controller and mess with the ESP which is nice. I've crashed into walls, hit tables, and got chased by my dog, but there are no scratches yet. It seems pretty durable and I think once I get better with drifting with the stock setup, I'll have to upgrade to the brushless setup. I've only driven this with the drift wheels and so far I like it. The turning radius is weak, but I have heard you can get some more angle out of it as well with some upgrades. I paid for expedited shipping and received it a day earlier than I had expected it. Overall, this is a solid buy for the money.

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