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  • December-08 2017 15:38:25

    - do not forget to power it separately; it won't work powered just from the microcontroller - the micro usb interface is not very useful, since you can't find any Mediatek win10 drivers. For giving serial commands, you'll need a serial forwarder uploaded intro microcontroller, like this one: https://pastebin.com/raw/xDaa1REt - the Vdd pin sets the voltage for logic levels. If connected to 3V, you can connect the board to 3V logic level breakouts, like ESP8266, without using level shifters - it has

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  • January-12 2018 07:57:04

    Positioning software does not work, no data is transferred with AT+CGNSURC=1 or AT+CGNSTST=1 commands, AT+CGNSINF returns always zero result, like this +CGNSINF: 0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Software version is Revision:1418B02SIM868M32_BT, but GNS version by AT+CGNSVER returns just 'OK', no version number is provided. GPS power is on, at GPS port TX pin there is data visible, like this: $GNGGA,135541.000,5931.430211,N,02510.642184,E,1,6,1.57,38.637,M,19.520,M,,*76 $GPGSA,A,3,30,05,15,07,20,08,,,,,,,3.30,1.57,2.90*05 $GLGSA,A,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,3.30,1.57,2.90*16 $GPGSV,3,1,11,30,70,099,16,13,51,285,,28,49,161,,07,43,083,30*78 $GPGSV,3,2,11,05,36,228,13,20,32,298,16,08,25,061,22,15,21,298,16*7E $GPGSV,3,3,11,27,16,023,,21,12,326,,09,04,130,*42 $GLGSV,3,1,10,74,89,111,,65,60,291,,72,51,188,,75,33,231,*68 $GLGSV,3,2,10,73,31,055,24,82,22,008,,83,18,062,16,66,10,330,*67 $GLGSV,3,3,10,71,06,163,,81,04,324,*68 $GNRMC,135541.000,A,5931.430211,N,02510.642184,E,1.29,351.62,120118,,,A*75 $GNVTG,351.62,T,,M,1.29,N,2.38,K,A*23 $GPACCURACY,33.5*3D

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  • April-21 2018 22:08:59

    I could achieve my output very easy with the help of this sim868 module I could buy this module at an affordable cost at your website.Thanks Banggood

  • January-15 2018 12:06:46

    Quality is ok! Fast shipment! Have a lot of trouble to make it work, BT Antenna is missing and there is no decription to run BT on Arduino. Arduino library couldn´t be found, Documentation is not up to date. Also the link for the GPS tool is wrong

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  • February-15 2018 06:44:41

    Contenido en buen estado de los 5 componentes. Buena calidad de la placa y sus soldaduras.

  • June-18 2019 04:46:55

    It worked fine

  • May-13 2019 03:30:52

    it is ok

  • March-09 2019 08:35:15

    received in good condition.

  • February-23 2019 00:05:36

    Nice Product

  • matjaz
    January-31 2019 05:57:01

    Useful device. And it comes with all antennas!


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