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  • chelle
    2018-02-15 09:22:11

    this squishy is a reasonable size about 10-11 cm..Takes 15 secs to rise...It has amazing texturing...And is super soft!!!! It didn't come with any defects but has got a small now...It's got small red dots which are not meant to be there..But for just over 2 pounds perfect rlly...Pictures⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ P.S comes with resealable packing!!

  • Bekki_
    2018-08-23 17:45:31

    really soft and sorta slow rising (4 seconds). I hate the smell though which is why I took off a star. I can't quite place what it smells like but it gives me a massive headache to say the least

  • Maricel
    2018-06-18 21:57:42

    o love this squishy so much bc I got it in yellow bc I have the pink one. the only bad things are that it smells bad and it is smaller than expected but BERY SOFT

  • 2018-05-26 14:34:40

    I was upset at first because the product took two weeks more than expected to arrive but it came with this cute little extra squishy so i cannot complain. thank you!

  • 2018-09-21 02:51:58

    Super cute and soft It had a strong smell kinda smelt like coconut to me It came with packaging but not the real one tho which was kinda annoying I got an estranged too! But I do recommend this squishy it’s worth it for a little amount of money!💗

  • 2018-08-24 10:56:28

    SUPER soft! Slow rising and smells...interesting lol not sure how to describe it but it isnt bad. Also came in the packaging shown my YouTube channel is SQUISH x EM I did a review on this item (and all items i receive from banggood) check it out if you want a better look at this squishy lemon:)

  • 2018-08-14 11:41:44

    I order a yellow lemon And got a pink grape Fruit but it is very soft and I almost like it better than the lemon . the package ING also said that is was a rabbit cake

  • 2018-08-03 02:23:39

    Smells just like lemon and definitely worth the money!! Mine came with a small defect but I don’t mind it as much as it’s awesome. Came with a FREE waffle squishy and arrived in 2 weeks an AMAZING squishy MUST BUY!!

  • 2019-06-09 09:36:09

    Look at the pictures

  • 2019-03-21 16:11:30

    The squishy was amazing! very soft and slow rising about 7-8 seconds which was amazing!


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