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TMCCRC 19/06/2022
Fast delivery from Banggood as usual. Used a slightly lower Kv version of this kit in my Zroad Comet. And it gives smooth torquey power on 2 & 3S. Looking forward to fitting this set to another project, I find they give decent power without putting to much stress on your transmission!! For a full YouTube review video of this kit use this URL address: https://youtu.be/HA6OepVXs5w
Yorumlar (2)
  • BG161720153 just watched your video buddy thanks for letting us know . question for you do you think this combo would be good in a arrma Vorteks

    Cevap 27/08/2022
  • TMCCRC @BG161720153 Ifits about the same weight as the Comet i dont see why not. Also gearing is point to consider.

    Cevap 06/09/2022
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