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  • January-15 2020 15:42:39

    Recebi, aparentemente tudo certo vou montar e fazer testes

  • October-01 2018 05:52:37

    شكرا لقد استلمت نفس المنتج الموجود في الصورة وعن خدمة الشحن ايضا هي الافضل اعجبتني شكرا بانجوود

  • January-17 2018 12:33:35

    First it's a really nice printer. CoreXY with sturdy design. Really a advanced 3d printer. And on my call the best 3d Printer under $500 but you need to change some minor things, so i would not recommend it to a total noob. Like said i like the printer very much but i received really bad quality parts, rust and bad production quality paired with bad shipping which damaged (bent) alot of parts. After 7 mail to the customer service i still don't got the parts i need to get my printer running. Also i

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  • December-28 2017 15:01:06

    good quality, as all the printers of the type has some small defects (parts too cheap). everything is well packaged, minimum assembly instructions, software instructions totally missing (do not exist). electric cables of good length that allow small changes, some ( few) spare parts in the package. arrives with a micro-sd card 8gb but the printer reads at most a 4gb that should be bought separately. not recommended for a beginner

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  • December-16 2017 13:02:12

    I look forward to putting this together, but I'm going to customise it from the beginning with quad extruders and a custom printer controller. The cost of the parts is less when buying a whole printer than getting them separately. I also intend to "box in" the printer with acrylic panels, which is much easter than with the CR-10 series.

  • April-15 2018 05:24:24

    The Tronxy x5s is a great 3d printer for it price range. The printer was packaged well but also had issues with the print with a limit switch being faulty. Print quality is near perfect but not perfect and the assembly was easy but the instructions are not defined to be that clear. Printer haves problems but also a great printer. The LCD has a has a defect on the top left of the display.

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  • November-02 2018 14:48:13

    I ordered it on October 22nd, and I received it on November 2nd. I am pleased with the printer so far, as far as appearance goes. I will be building it soon.

  • July-14 2018 12:17:22

    The aluminium substrate heat bed and fiberglass board are in damaged condition. I had paid for the insurance of the product while shipping. kindly provide a replacement for the damaged part at the earliest.

  • February-28 2018 06:46:08

    Bonne imprimante pour son prix Elle est assez facile a monter si l'on est débrouillard, quelques petits problème de réglages à résoudre sur la fin. Pour le montage bien suivre le manuel et regarder les vidéos fournis Je recommande.

  • February-06 2018 03:31:42

    The 3D printer looks great and I'm about to start assembly. It's a pity that the printer doesn't come with assembly instructions.


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