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İncelemenin bir kısmı otomatik olarak çevrildi.

  • 11/04/2021

    Very fast delivery, one week from the Czech warehouse. It is very small and very easy to transport. Internally the assembly quality is very good without any obvious problem, it remains to be tested in some gluing !!!! Πολύ γρήγορη παράδοση, μία εβδομάδα από την Τσεχική αποθήκη. Είναι πολύ μικρή και μεταφέρεται πολύ εύκολα. Εσωτερικά η ποιότητα συναρμολόγησης είναι πολύ καλή χωρίς κάποιο εμφανές πρόβλημα, μένει να δοκιμαστεί σε κάποια κόλληση!!!!

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  • VanVIP3

    Είχε κάποια προβλήματα: κομμένο καλώδιο παροχής το άλλαξα με 3*2.5 πατημένο καλώδιο ανεμιστήρα και έξω από το βισμα τα αμπέρ δεν είναι 250!!!!! αλλά 119Α κάτι που είναι φυσιολογικό για αυτό το μέγεθος το κόλλημα με 2.5ηλεκτροδιο

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  • 14/01/2021

    ήρθε πολυ γρήγορα. Από CZ σε 10 μέρες. παρά πολύ καλή. πολυ μικρη και ελαφριά. Ερχετε χωρίς αρσενικό φις σουκο και χωρίς Τσιμπίδες. Μέσα έχει μόνο τους αντάπτορες για τα καλώδια.

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  • 18/11/2020

    Very good welder for the money. It strikes the electric arc nicely, stably maintains the set parameters and, above all, welds nicely and is very small. The only drawback that bothers me personally is the highly inflated parameters. At the maximum intensity that the manufacturer specifies at 250 amps, the welder gives 132. I took measurements and at the maximum settings it is 130 amps, and at the lowest 56. The welder is perfectly welded with 2.5 and 3.2mm electrodes. With a little experience of the welder, it is possible to weld with a 4mm electrode. In my device, I changed the welding current display range to real 132 amperes. This can be done with the potentiometer marked in my photo. If the manufacturer did not overestimate the parameters, surely more people involved in welding would be interested in this device. After minor modifications, this welding machine is an ideal device for DIY enthusiasts and people who weld on a mobile basis. Sorry for the translation, but I did it in translator.

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  • 04/11/2020

    3 tane ürün aldım gümrük sigortalıydı. Sadece kaynak makinası geldi diğerleri gelmedi. Ve birde gümrük vergisi ödedim diğer ürünler yok. Kaynak makinasını denedim güzel çalışıyor biraz sağı solu yolda yamulmuş ama çalışıyor 366 liraya aldım Türkiye de 900 ila 1000 lira arası 3 haftada geldi

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  • 31/10/2020

    This welder exceeded expectations. If not for a power switch that broke within the first few uses, I'd have given it 5 stars. It isn't near a 160lb stick welder for weld quality or ease of striking an arc, but it isn't anywhere near as bulky or as heavy, either. It seems like a good choice for someone looking to stick weld every now and then. For my purposes, the 110v option would've been more convenient, but for the price I went ahead and bought one of those as well. I also got one of the 220v versions for my grandpa as he needed something easy to move around and already has several welders. The size is laughable, but the performance isn't. Posted a few photos: one where I welded some chain as a test when I first got it, and the other two from when I opened it to replace the power switch. Hope these are helpful.

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  • 07/02/2021

    Muito bom equipamento. Podem comprar sem medo. Inclusive, eu fui taxado mas com o seguro alfandegário, a Banggood, cumpriu o contrato e restituiu 100% do imposto cobrado. O site é confiável sim! Recomendo a todos!!!! -------------- Very good equipment. You can buy without fear. I was even taxed, but with customs insurance, Banggood, fulfilled the contract and refunded 100% of the tax charged. The site is reliable yes! I recommend it to everyone !!!!

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  • 20/12/2020

    arrived in good condition item looks brand new i just tested it, as i waited for the cable to arrive i can say that it's a good welder for its size and prize. the pictures shows its welding outcome Sorry, just beginning to learn to weld The longer welding was set to 250 While the small welding was set to 150. also show the welding rod i used Just got it for 1,581 PH pesos It's a steal for its size, performance and price 2 thumbs up for rhe seller 👍👍 Thank you

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  • 29/09/2020

    Ürünü eksiksiz teslim aldım. Paketlemesi fena değil hasarsız geldi. PTT Kargo ile 13 günde geldi. 25 TL gümrük sigortası yaptırmıştım. 54.40 Gümrük vergisi ödedim. bakalım geri iade alabilecekmiyiz. Ürünü çalıştırdım. Ancak kaynak yapmadım.Ürünü genel olarak kaliteli duruyor.

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  • 15/09/2020

    A embalagem veio um pouco amassada mas o aparelho em si veio em boas condições. O seu funcionamento pelo que testei parece funcionar muito bem, embora a regulação da amperagem não corresponde ao descrito, uma vez que na descrição diz que funciona entre 20A e 250A, a verdade é que no visor mostra no mínimo 24A e o máximo 257A.

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