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cwniles 2019-11-26 19:37:10
Pretty nice hardshell backpack style case. The only real issue is certain, if not all items are not held in place well enough. The batteries are a good example of this as they will most likely fall out of place and bang around in the case against the quadcopter and RC...less than ideal. I found that two small velcro tie wraps (cable wraps) around each battery, hook side out (hook side in relation to hook and loop or "velcro") solves the issue with the batteries. Two more wraps can be put on two arms of the quad which accomplish the same as with the batteries...namely firming up the fit but also, the hook side of the velcro will "grab" the molded insert as well for an extra level of stick. One could also affix velcro, loop side out to the molded insert for an extra secure attachment. The RC slot requires some modification as well if you expect the RC to stay in place. For the price? Not too bad at all....4 stars for sure
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