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AdamD 2018-06-17 01:10:44
It a hefty and impressive flashlight! For this price it is an excellent product! The reflector gives a uniform light with the ability to zoom. In general, it is for close distance, very good for indoors. The black color is scratched relative easily. It starts always with high (i have messured 1,25A) and you can go less just holding the button. You get a double flash when you hit minimum/maximum. I would say the minimum is medium intensity, don't expect low. After 15min in highest mode i have meassured 55oC temperature, around the same in 25min. Actually you cannot hold it in that temperature, so i would recommend few minutes of working in high mode. It has a green led for battery status and you get a red blinking when the battery is low. In my battery (panasonic 3400mA) i got red blinking at 3,75V and i recharged to full with around 1200mA so you have plenty of time when you see the red blinking. I did't test the USB charging, i always charge my batteries with a proffesional charger. In the photo i have for size comparison a BLF A6 ( https://bit.ly/2yhuWGu ) which i consider an excellent flashlight and a smaller AA/14500 ( https://bit.ly/2K1ADgw ) with a very good price.
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