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  • 10/04/2021

    The package arrived quickly, in very good condition, I will try the drone! Thank you Banggood!

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  • 25/09/2019

    Pros and cons... let's start with cons. I got the 4k 3 battery version witch comes with storage bag. Bag is to small so there is no place for the 2 extra batterys. No cf card reader so you need to have a good phone because everything is transmitted and recorded on your phone. Probs are not balanced and cheapest if ever seen. Pros: Excellent looking and flying quad copter, reacting like a pro and another excellent for the transmitter. The best transmitter if have seen so far in this price range. Fits for larger phones and absolut stable. Drone APP software is very stable and got all the gimmicks you need including software picture stability, 4K fix, zoom mode .. Over all ... this is a really good product with SD Card slot this Drone will be the Top one in this price range. Absolutely fun to fly and a very good present... think about Christmas:-) by the way, I used a Samsung S8 and it worked great for the 5G transmission up to 300 meter

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  • 30/05/2019

    ZLRC Beast SG906 5G WiFi FPV GPS 4K Camera Drone is making some waves out there and lots of people are wondering if this is really worth buying with all the coolest advertised features. Well find out all the answers to your questions in this detailed and unbiased honest video review of SG906 Drone. I ordered a 3 batteries 4K Camera version of ZLRC Beast SG906. Each battery offers flight times up to 25 minutes so I was able to test almost all features and shoot some good stills and aerial videos with this Drone. Unfortunately the Image Processing and image tracking features, palm control, way point and line draw features did not work as advertised due to app kept on showing errors. But rest of the GPS features work simply great. ZLRC Beast SG906 definitely is a worthy WiFi FPV GPS Drone and by the its the only 5G WiFi FPV Drone that kept its live video alive up to 367 meters in this heavy WiFi interference area of our RC Airport. That shows, SG906 does have a powerful 5G WiFi module. The Advertised 4K Camera actually records video and transmits videos and stills to your phone in 1080P 25FPS max resolution. I was unable to see any 4K or 2K video even. There is no TF Card onboard to record 4K video and there is no such tech that transmits and records 4K video via 5G WiFi so far, even DJI does not have such tech. So to say, 4K is just a hype to lure people into buying this Quadcopter. To be honest its just another 1080P 5G WiFi FPV camera onboard. Apart from this, Quadcopter has superb flight performance, very easy to fly, control range is very good, GPS Position and Altitude hold is solid, Return to home and land feature is very reliable and failsafe works simply superb. Its definitely a very good RC Drone. Only if Camera were to be really 4K and recorded jello free videos, this could be a record breaker

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  • 07/04/2020

    Havia pedido preto, como não tinha o envio demorou, até eu escolher outra cor, no caso o branco, ai foi enviado e chegou rápido. Gostei muito, ainda não testei pois tem que ter celular com wifi 5g vou ter comprar. Obrigado ao vendedor e a Banggood que vem se esforçando para atender bem os seus clientes neste momento difícil que o mundo esta passando. Obrigado.

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  • 15/09/2019

    This is fantastic. There are many good review on YouTube which are worth watching if you are thinking about buying one of these, so I will just note a few observations I have made. For bad points, there is an audio warning beep (low battery etc) on the control which is very loud and can't be changed. The drone is very quick achieving it's maximum height, but it descends very slowly, perhaps about a quarter of the speed which it ascends at. For good Points, it's very easy to set up. It flies beautifully and as long as you use a decent phone (i'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, which has the recommended CPU spec) to record the video and pictures to, there is almost no lag to it.

    Orjinali göster
  • 15/02/2020

    produto muito bom gostei Vale a pena comprar, pena que não é compatível com o meu celular j5prima. agora tenho que comprar um celular que tem a tecnologia 5GHz, pra usar com ele e ver as imagens transmitida pelo Drone.

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  • 26/09/2019

    Se ve bien un dron de carácter fuerte se nota un poco robusto de buenos materiales y buen agrado a la vista aún lo probaré a ver que tal funciona pero me ha gustado mucho el control se ve algo frágil pero es acordé al precio las palanquitas de los joystick son de aluminio me gustan, la hélices Se ven fuertes y que sea plegable me gusta falta ver que tan firme son los brazos al desplegarlos para conexión wi fi del dron pide 5 ghz es algo que los teléfonos de gama baja no tienen y pues ese si es un inconveniente pero en si me a gustado mucho y el tiempo de entrega menos del mes y por una paqueteria confiable

    Orjinali göster
  • 21/06/2019

    Квадрокоптер пришел за 22 дня, принесли прямо к двери. Немного примяты пару углов на упаковке. В остальном всё целое. Конектится с телефоном и аппаратурой, пробовал взлететь в помещении. Протестирую позже на улице.

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  • 19/05/2019

    Good flying drone. Video quality is basically 720p and somewhat good, but the picture quality is quite good. 4k definitely, but it only has an 8 megapixel camera so the picture isn't super sharp. Software in the drone is very safe, even too safe. Low battery return to home starts at 33% meaning you only get 66% (~17min) use out of the battery. Low battery return to home can't be disabled until it is within 20 meters of the take off point. FPV is 250m, but I only got 100m outside Grand Rapids, MI. Controller is great. I unfortunately received a faulty battery in my 2pack bundle. Batteries take 5hours to charge.

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  • 18/05/2019

    Il gruppo d-drone.it vi presenta un drone professionale molto interessante, chiamato ZLRC Beast SG906 con due tipi di fotocamere, full HD e 4K, la versione UHD sarà in grado di registrare solo video 2K, invece il "4K" si riferisce solo alla risoluzione della foto. In termini di design, la ZLRC Beast SG906 mi ricorda la DJI Mavic Air. Mentre le misure piegate 17,4 x 8,4 x 7 cm, con le braccia estese è un po 'più grande, circa 28,3 x 25,3 x 7 cm. ZLRC Beast SG906 Foldable RC Drone è un quadricottero RC super funzionale con aspetto eccezionale oltre ad un design pieghevole. Il Quadricottero ZLRC Beast SG906 RC può essere trasportato ovunque in qualsiasi momento poiché è pieghevole, quindi una volta terminato l'uso è possibile ripiegarlo. ZLRC Beast SG906 RC Quadcopter ha un aspetto Mini molto bello,inoltre rende il drone pieghevole più attraente e dall'aspetto fantastico. Il design è unico, sono sicuro che avra' un grande successo per il prezzo, molto facile da trasportare.La ZLRC Beast SG906 RC Quadcopter non ha le protezione dell'elica sui bracci peccato.. Il quadricottero è alimentato da una batteria LiPo 3S 2500mAh ,comunque è sufficiente per volare almeno fino a 25 minuti. Inoltre, consiglio di acquistare altre 2 batterie sempre dal portale Banggood, visto che il processo di ricarica delle batterie dura almeno 5 ore.Disponibile in 2 versioni, FULL HD e 4K.Progettato sia per coloro che affrontano questo mondo sia per i piloti più esperti. Le modalità Smart Flight attualmente implementate sono Return to Home, Fail-Safe, Punto o Interesse, Waypoint Flight, Follow Me, Gesture Control, Gesture Photo e Gesture Recording, quindi puoi scattare foto e registrare video,in maniera molto facile.La 4K Frontal CAM è ovviamente FPV con trasmissione video sul nostro Smartphone, è anche possibile scattare foto anche con il VP CAM inferiore,proprio la VPU accoppiata al GPS consente un'eccellente stabilità in volo.Velocità massima è di circa 25km/h. A presto alla prossima. d-drone

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