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JoGeo 08/01/2023
It adopts a robust clicky button, three HDMI standard ports (Nickel-plated) and a front display. Anti-sleep pads are lacking. The unit is well made (anodized aluminum housing) and pretty heavy so it sits flat on a desk, weighs 40g. I measured 73.58, 32.27 and 14.03mm for length, width and height, respectively. The clicky button is responding very well and small LED indicators on display tell you which connected device is active. I should point out that it doesn't require an extra power supply in order to work. It switches between inputs-outputs quickly. Sadly, the unit doesn't auto switch to the default port#1 when you power off the connected device of its second port. The Baseus switch outputs crisp and vibrand image with seamless transition. It is compatible with PS4's HDMI Device Link which auto turns on/off the TV and HDMI-switch as well. After using it for 1 year, I had zero issues with signal quality.
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