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JayBee The 6A model is a much better charger. This model is uselessand over charges batteries. Does not turn fully OFF when thebattery is full leading to out-gassing.

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Q: will this work with a Spektrum DX5e transmitter?

Soran BG571013113 Açık 2020-08-11 10:46:58

JayBee No... It only works with the Mini Mustang Radio.

2020-08-11 13:10:13 Yararlı (0)
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Q: How many watts are possible?

Soran Tiborka Açık 2020-03-27 15:34:30

JayBee I just measured this 100W Solar Panel at 12:00 Noon with direct sunlight in the middle of summer. Max Volts:- 19.6 Volts. Short circuit current:- 1.4 Amps Wattage:-27.44 Watts

2020-07-28 11:24:36 Yararlı (2)
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JayBee This barely works with 0.10 Nickel. This product is much better for 0.15 strips.... Item # 1686661 I use it with a 4S Li-Po battery.

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Q: Is it send with the new TBS Crossfir Micro Tx V2 Modul?

Soran Josef Noppenei Açık 2020-07-11 15:13:11

JayBee If you order the radio with CrossFire it will come with Crossfire. You need to read the entire product listing.

2020-07-11 15:46:56 Yararlı (1)
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