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Q: Are these masks washable?

Soran darvennesalain Açık 2020-04-22 05:08:57

Leftapost No

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Leftapost Hi You can set a pin through the Garage door application. Open the application and you will see the door closed in red Above and on the right is a little red bell Push this icon and will open a menu where you can choose if you want to activate notifications. See the last line where is written the word password. There you can choose the password. Note. The system will work as a switch on and off. Meaning that evem if the door is closed and you will say close the door it will open

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Q: ls it works with kerui w18 security system.?

Soran BG115363924 Açık 2021-03-11 01:32:11

Leftapost Sorry but I don't know. I have 2 units connected to HAMAB

2021-03-11 03:24:39 Yararlı (1)
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Leftapost 1) Yes it does support 2) Yes you may use all existing accessories. I have all of them (smoke, moisture, radar)

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Q: Hi, does work with sliding gate.

Soran BG143811057 Açık 2020-11-02 11:31:39

Leftapost Yes it does. You may install the magnetic sensors accordingly. It's very easy

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Q: how to pair with other remote controller?

Soran BG121121181 Açık 2020-10-16 04:54:41

Leftapost Youpare it with the central unit of Digoo as a new remote

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