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wingerr what came of the batteries? did they work after charging?

hkocznar 2020-06-17 09:08:44
I'm a bit torn in half, I ordered 2 of the 70 MHZ versions and they arrived in very short time. Bad #1: Though they both arrived with empty lithium cells, likely all 4 batteries are chemical damaged. I'll need to find out how badly. Bad #2: There is not even a single sheet if instructions, no precision sheet, no manual, no first use sheet nothing. What's the difficulty to sit down for a few hours and write up a short manual ?? Bad #3: I have bought many oscilloscopes from 30$ up to 2000$ and I've never in my life had an oscilloscope come with less probes than it has channels. This one comes with only one probe, I checked and it indeed is sold like that.. That doesn't make it better. Bad #4: In the middle of my first test it just shut down, losing all settings and configurations I made. It was hooked on USB power and I did not let it idle. I hope it's a one time thing and not a defect. Bad #5: The menus are not too intuitive, not a big problem and probably you can get used to it quickly. Those bad points summed up means the manufacturer neglects the device and it's customers in a way I don't like. If the manufacturer put a bit love into this product, delivered it with instructions, 2 probes and the batteries either blocked (a plastic strip) or not empty I'd give this solid 5 stars. The good news: #1 It feels like quality, it is heavy and seems durable. #2 I've tested the scope a little bit, while the controls are not very intuitive it seems working well. #3 The DMM multimeter menu is not the most intuitive one but it's fine #4 The DMM reacts quick and it seems to have great precision, better than my two 250$ multimeters here (tested only DC V). # The materials you receive are of good quality, the 2 BNC crokodile clamps are fine, the test leads are great and of very low resistance and the ONE probe seems to be of good quality either. Funfact: There was an instruction manual with the scope but it's for the probe. Finally: The price is very low: buy it
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Q: can I use a 60Ah 400A Lead-Acid car battery with this?

Soran BG475501847 Açık 2020-10-06 05:14:05

wingerr sure can. that should be plenty of current for this

2020-10-06 05:18:29 Yararlı (1)
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wingerr maybe not regulated, and drops under load from the open circuit reading of 49V

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wingerr the transistors may have been damaged, or the gate control is damaged, causing the transistors to remain on. they should only be pulsed briefly when working.

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wingerr power supplies can't deliver enough current to do the welding, it needs a battery or a connection to a large enough capacitor to store a charge that can be delivered in a brief pulse.

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Q: How many amps can they store at 2.7 volts?

Soran Alien Affliction Cycles Açık 2020-03-20 10:48:06

wingerr measure the actual capacitance by starting with a discharged cap, and applying a constant 10A into it. 3000÷10 = 300 seconds, so it should show 1V after charging to for that 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. charge it to 2V, leaving it long enough to stabilize, and then use a constant current load of 10A, and measure how long it takes to discharge back to 1.0V. should be the same 5 minutes, if it's truly 3000F and not just a false claim.

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wingerr I got the same version you show, it doesn't allow repeated welds without having to reset and arm it first by pressing the button. not good if you need to make a large number of welds. it's okay if you only need to do a few.

Snappy 2020-08-17 03:04:48
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Q: Are the batteries rechargeable?

Soran mascamagni Açık 2020-05-19 10:24:25

wingerr why is everyone saying 3000 farad? should just be 3000 micro Farad, which is more in the realm of reality-

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Q: How many welds per charge ??

Soran JayBee Açık 2020-05-14 07:50:18

wingerr how many pulses per weld? that would affect the welds per charge.

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Rhubarb the positive terminal in the tail and the negative in the front

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