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joelspangler I also had trouble - my first issue was I had the ground pin wrong and in the wrong channel. The ESC needs to go to channel 2 with the black pin on the outside (closest to the edge). The servo goes in channel 1 with brown on the outside. The transmitter that came with my FY03 which is labeled as FY-TX01 would not bind. I started grabbing other controllers from other machines, and found that the more basic style transmitter that came with another model worked. I can't figure out which model it came with - I just know that whatever it was got trashed because the transmitter was in my junk drawer and not stored with a car. The transmitter that worked it isn't labeled with a model number. It doesn't have the switchable left/right steering wheel and the green/red LEDs are on top. Searching for "FeiYue FY-10 Spare Parts-39-01" via google found me a picture that looks like the transmitter that worked. It's a super bare bones transmitter with no throttle dual rate or throttle trim. The only adjustment on it is for steering trim (no steering rate). I may wind up just getting a replacement ESC and transmitter, but this will work for now.

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