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pierre Esta no es una pregunta sobre la herramienta. Tenga la amabilidad de mantener las preguntas relacionadas con los productos.

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pierre That is correct yes. You first drill the hole with the front side of the bit. you then use the second part of the bit to make the physical thread.

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pierre I would use this on soft to medium metals, this will include brass, copper and aluminium. Can be used on wood and plastic.

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Q: how can I connect it with my Fone or PC or dose it just what it should

Soran BG824310422 Açık 2022-01-04 08:42:31

pierre Minorconfigurations can be done via the Goggles useing your FPV setup. du@"

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Q: Take of weight?

Soran BG220573824 Açık 2021-03-31 05:51:37

pierre Thisis a real small Drone. Adding aditional weight not recomended. Kindly use as is.

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Q: Would this fit a printrbot metal plus?

Soran rkogucki Açık 2022-01-24 10:19:07

pierre Notsure on the Printerbot. This is a direct replacement for the Creality Ender series

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