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Q: Will this fit the Eachine Novice-II V2.0 2.5 Inch Toothpick Quad?

Soran jurne Molina Açık 2020-10-15 06:19:20

lazyturtles Or gemfan hurricane 2512 should be another recommended option. Their 3 blade new hurricane series props are very efficient and quiet.

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lazyturtles You can select 6500kv version when adding to cart.

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Q: Do they come with plugs on the wires?

Soran rpogorelc Açık 2020-08-09 03:38:52

lazyturtles I’m pretty sure there are no plugs on the wires. Wire length is 100mm, I believe.

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Q: Hello, does the Nano have a storage program?

Soran fraloulli Açık 2020-05-22 03:02:35

lazyturtles It even has a mode to “kill” the battery which I think is to be used before you throw it away to the garbage.

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