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Darkstar77 2018-03-03 13:18:27
I have a Foxeer Monster, which is a 16:9, 1200tvl CMOS camera. Sounds familiar, right? This isn't that. This is a cam, that at 1/3 the price, boasts the same features. It doesn't. I don't have the equipment to measure it, but there is no way this is 1200tvl. More like 700 or 800. Is that a deal breaker? No, it's not. I would have preferred an honest spec sheet, but whatever. It is 16:9, which is great. The lens is garbage. I ordered mine with a 2.5mm lens, loving that lens on my other cams. The lens it came with, while labelled 2.5mm, is not. It is closed to 2.8 or 2.9, while looking like a Foxeer 2.5. The FOV is terrible. I have some Foxeer 2.5mm lenses, so I swapped the out of the box one, and proper FOV. This is where I ding it on value. The Foxeer lenses is half the price of this cam, increasing the overall cost. It's still cheaper, but the value really goes down with the shoddy lens this ships with. Overall performance is solid, considering the cost of the camera. I have flown in bright sunlight, heavy overcast, and dusk. The performance is good enough that I can see where I'm going in diverse light conditions, and I can see ghost branches in bright day light. It's no Runcam, or Foxeer. Don't buy one thinking it is. It is one of the cheaper 16:9 cameras you can currently get, if not the cheapest. It would be greater value if the 2.5mm lens was actually 2.5mm instead of closer to 2.9mm. If you buy this cam, buy a Foxeer 2.5, Runcam 2.3, or Runcam 2.1 lens to go with it. It degrades the value, but with a proper lens it's a decent camera for the money. Two pictures are attached to this review, one showing the cam with Foxeer lens installed, and the stock one beside it. The second picture is the back of the lens showing the shoddy design and construction of the stock lens. It looks like the Foxeer 2.5, but is not even close in FOV.
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