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Luke_5x5_Ltd I'm afraid not, the amount of water that comes out of each tube is the same in all of them. I think it assumed to be used in a green house type of environment where you have the same plants potted next to each other. you can of course buy a second one and set it differently, otherwise there are others that allow for different watering amounts but they are way more complex and expensive usually. I found that most of my house plants can choose with getting a little bit more or a little bit less than optimal for a couple of weeks without any real problem. you may have a very different range of plants though so you need to make that judgment yourself, good luck

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Luke_5x5_Ltd It carries on back from the beginning, as in a continuous cycle - until you decide to stop it - or the water runs out. The 1-9 days is the "interval* between watering so you can set it to water plants every 3 days, or 5 days or any number of days between 1 and 9. That means it will water *once* every 3/5/9 days (or whatever number you selected). Then it will continue doing that until water runs out, battery runs out or If you select 0.

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Q: What is battery life

Soran BG361385217 Açık 2021-10-07 08:47:42

Luke_5x5_Ltd I bought it and used it myself and found that those specs are actually true, at times it's lasted longer than that even. it's really good for the price and the readings are useful. interface is easy and intuitive although it doesn't interact with Google fit by default which was a little disappointing for me, robust built and nice on the eye, I would still recommend it, great value for money

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Luke_5x5_Ltd Ifyou're using the Tuya app or Smart Life (they're the same) then there's no easy switch - you CAN do it however by using an intermediary app like IFTTT which is very easy to use to connect two services - or you could do it by making a Google Home or Alexa Routine possibly. Another option is to use apps that automate processes and actiions such as MacroDroid or Tasker (for Android) - however those are much more complex and could be daunting for a novice

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Luke_5x5_Ltd Sometimesthe item can look the same externally but not be absolutely identical in every detaill = it can happen often with products that are essentially white-labelled (like the camera above). It could also be a difference in software - or sometimes it's just a differnt 'batch' = kind impossible to say really

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Q: What the difference between type 1 and the type with straight head?

Soran BG561835505 Açık 2021-07-28 08:11:20

Luke5x5 Type:#1:Standard #2:Upgrade The standard one has no wheels or shelves at the bottom, type 2 is the one that does

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