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Q: any upgrades u can put on these?

Soran BG144216125 Açık 2020-11-29 08:26:39

Lauland Hi get wheely bar stand's up on a wheely from full throttle.

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Q: where the buzzer must install?

Soran koureio Açık 2021-08-07 06:35:58

Lauland A buzzer will need to be soldier on it ú can purchase a LED light with a buzzer on it will need to be set up in beta flight. the flight controller board will be marked búz- búz+ LED 5 volt +

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Q: can i use 2200 mAh 60 c battery?

Soran sultan360 Açık 2021-09-14 01:53:34

Lauland yes but you have to use a 4 cell li-po batterie Max 4 cell higher mAh battery okay as long as you don't Maximum of 4 cell lipo battery.

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Q: does the fsi6x need setup? or doesn't need any setup?

Soran BG344438551 Açık 2021-05-16 03:25:27

Lauland My advice is to watch you tube videos and watch as many setup video's as you can if you are a beginer, and learn to fly videos if you are asking this. When I was flying for the first time I started with a small safer quad to learn to fly the drone in one spot forward, facing to the right, left, and facing the quad toward me for learning about getting your muscle memory of the radio stick's using a square ⬛ piece of plywood to take off and land on.

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