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White_Spot Para escrever o "~" é necessário carregar em FN+Shift+Esc. To obtain the "~" its necessary to press FN+Shift+Esc.

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Q: How do i take a screenshot in windows 10 on this keyboard

Soran mek Açık 2021-02-07 08:21:30

White_Spot Pressing FN key + Y key (underline PS is writen - PrintScreen).

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Q: se pueden quitar los switches de este teclado?

Soran BG189921365 Açık 2020-09-16 11:35:34

White_Spot No, they are not hotswap but if you have soldering skills you can.

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Q: does this keyboard work on xbox one s

Soran BG475747451 Açık 2020-08-27 05:05:41

White_Spot I really don't know, but if others keyboards work by usb cable this will work too.

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White_Spot I really don´t know but all cherry keycaps should be compatible. You have to search in Internet.

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