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Tanveer Adore It can't be used under 0 deg C.

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Q: fan not turning

Soran waitee Açık 2018-11-19 02:08:23

ajcp2000 Especs says: "The cooling system for intelligent temperature control fan.". There are systems which fan will not turn, unless temperature raises above a limit. Try to put more load to increase current.

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ahmetYavuz Your device does not have any problems. The fan is automatically activated after a certain current is drawn from the unit and after a certain heat has formed in the integrals. 2 - 3 amps already does not turn on the fan. 🇹🇷

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Q: What is the IP rating

Soran waitee Açık 2017-11-21 06:49:50

BogumMatt The rating is IP54.

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