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Q: what is the distance range of this remote

Soran BLESSO Açık 2018-07-10 05:28:21

fpvreport 10 mètres

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Q: can i use this with ISDT 608AC?

Soran BG494816152 Açık 2021-02-20 07:31:20

fpvreport Yes of course :)

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Q: Hello can I play basketball wearing the mask?

Soran BG177255403 Açık 2020-11-17 03:58:56

fpvreport yes it is possible, but it hot quickly so not to advise for the sport, so no.

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Q: Why are you deleting bad reviews? Can't you accept truth?

Soran danielchmur Açık 2020-08-13 05:59:20

fpvreport It works very well, you just have to secure the propellers. For me it makes my drone fly well.

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