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skyline3000 given you have to select either bnf or rtf - this is where people should realise what they are purchasing and they are 2 different packages and prices.

lhomert 2019-04-15 19:22:19
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skyline3000 on my 9116 I have just looped a strap through the body and then step a 2700mah 3s. works great. just dont overdo the throttle.

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Q: This rc car accept 3S lipo battery???

Soran BILLYS GT Açık 2018-09-03 11:10:05

skyline3000 probably not recommended.....however neither is my 9116 and I have run that on 3s for a couple of months now and it is fine. just don't full throttle all the time and i know i will likely cook the motor...but at $10 usd for me its worth it :p so I will try 3s on this truck as well cos I love speed ;)

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skyline3000 Muppet - this is a new remote housing - so you can swap your original key, transponder, battery and control board across from your worn or damaged remote housing - like I did. The product does what it says - you just need to learn how to read.

Peter 2017-10-03 08:15:56
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