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Patulous no, the case doesn't support fan

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LDighera 2018-01-20 09:21:19
I really wanted to like this "bracelet," but alas, it is terminally flawed: 0. The touch user-interface is very frustrating; it fails to respond most of the time; it is unclear how to activate each function once you've managed to display it on the face of the "bracelet" 1. Display too dim to read in normal light. Out doors, forget it 2. The display is only lit very briefly, only a second or two, before it winks out, at which point you are faced with that frustrating, intermittently responsive touch user-interface 3. No way to set active display timeout, neither in the watch nor the iBand app 4. Noway to even set the correct time of day or date manually; the chosen analog or digital clock display does not remain set to the chosen display, but obstreperously reverts to the digital display 5 Watch doesn't retain any internal sensor readings history. iBand app is supposed to do this, but mostly fails. Useless 6. iBand Android app is a primitive work-in-progress, only weakly supporting "bracelet's" alleged features. No ability to download sensor reading history to phone nor desktop. No Windows app 7. App is crucial for use of watch; No way to usefully access many of the watch's features without it. Without a smart-phone, the watch is unusable. I believe it's supposed to display a change in blood pressure or heart rate as a real-time alert, but the display is so brief and dim, who knows? If so, it's undocumented as far as I can tell 8. Blood-pressure sensor function readings not accurate, but close enough to be useful when comparing successive readings, if you can manage to keep it sending them to the app whose history function is broken 9. Step Count function only a guess, marginally accurate 10. Can't figure out how Train function intended to work from instruction manual, app, nor intuitively 11. Heart Rate monitor works well enough to display pulse-rate iBand app's HR history only accumulates very few graph points 12. The Sleep function doesn't seem to do anything 13. Use of the Find function is unclear; is it supposed to vibrate the watch so you can locate where it is, or is it used to pair the watch with BlueTooth? 14. Info function displays MAC address 15. Power function will turn watch off 16. Battery charge connector's magnetic attachment is weak, requires gentle touch to enable charging, which does work well 17. True battery life vs specified battery life, too early to tell 18. Hopefully, the creators of this "bracelet" will address these issues in a future iteration of this device and iBand app.
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