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lukelorusso He means: is it possible to buy only another extra battery for the F16 Plus? The same original one? All you can find is an extra battery for F16, but NO extra battery are available for F16 Plus... (it seams)

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Q: will it carry 120kg?

Soran johndone52 Açık 2019-06-11 06:20:05

lukelorusso It's reported 100kg max for the F16 Plus... I think it's at your own risk

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Q: I dazi doganali?

Soran Ninopuglia Açık 2019-06-12 04:57:36

lukelorusso Hanno risposto già a una domanda simile: "The above prices are already inclusive of customs duties, so customers do not need to worry about paying extra customs duties."

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