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Dacnomania The last count record will be kept when the power is off, and the calculation will continue after the power is on, and will not return to zero

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Q: what does it mean (+- 1,5%+5) of the accuracy?

Soran BG491041791 Açık 2021-05-20 05:29:58

johnnynorre +\-(1.5%+5) is +\-1.5% on the displayed value and +\- 5 is the number of steps or counts the last digit can deviate in addition to the accuracy. So if you measure 10.00V in the display, the actual voltage can be from 9.85V to 10.15V (from the +\- 1.5%), but after the digit correction, the actual voltage measured could have been anything between 9.90V and 10.20V (here we added the +\-5 part of the accuracy). The MUSTOOL X1 is auto ranging, but on a manual range multimeter the digit deviation makes it important that you select the best measure range, e.g. 0-2V instead of 0-200V for measuring a 1.5V battery - on a 4 digit display the accuracy above would mean that a 1.5V voltage could be from 1.0V to 2.0V just from the deviation on the last digit when using the 0-200V range, while the digit deviation only varies from 1.495V to 1.505V based on the 0-2V range.

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