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StickG Manual won’t open via app so we don’t know what it says

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BG324017115 The T6 and t7 controller will

2020-09-28 01:55:28 Yararlı (0)
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StickG You have to use an older version of Cleanflight if you just want to connect and configure The latest version you have to flash the board - Check your USB cable also some don't work and its just that cable try another cable (mine didn't connect either it was the cable)

StickG 2020-09-16 14:26:37
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StickG You can use clean flight to set modes you don’t have to flash Betaflight - if you have Flysky make sure AFHDS is on AFHDS2A is off then try bind - to arm it is in instructions I changed it in cleanflght to a switch

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StickG Rechargeable Mine took half an hour to charge but it was half charged already

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