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Raj 2020-02-15 04:14:09
I ordered on 5th October 2019, but there was no tracking update even after fifteen days. Finally, they said we have lost the courier and they offered me a refund or reship. I asked them to reship on 22 Oct, it was held by customs and it reached me on 16th December 2019. It took nearly two months to deliver to Hyderabad, but received without any damage. I had to pay Rs 2467 custom fee, but thanks to Banggood they refunded the money. Connectivity, all the ports are working fine, I tried with 500 GB hard disk it is playing the movies. It doesn’t support all the audio formats. I wish could have been one more USB port and HDMI port. I tried connecting TV setup box played well. Even I tried with Android TV box Beelink GT King Amlogic S922X played well. We can watch 4k movies and we can judge the clarity of the projector when you play 4k movies. I suggest, buy android TV box and converting the projector into Android & WIFI projector. The picture clarity is good, but depends on ambient light conditions. If the room is dark pitcher clarity is very bright, can watch in some light but need to compromise on clarity. This can be used for presentations as well. Can watch up to 100 inches if we increase the size we lose the clarity The focus is good in the center as well as corners, I am comfortable adjusting the focus by moving the projector rather adjusting with manual focus. Subtitles are clear, we can read easily. From a distance of 10 feet the size of the image is almost 12 feet. All the manual buttons on projector are working. Fan noise is very low can’t hear when we play with the sound. Slightly warm after using for a couple of hours, it is not an issue it happens. Try to keep the projector as cool as possible. Hope this should not affect the durability of the projector. Sound is stereo mixing sound, in built speakers are not good, we have to go for an external sound system, but we need to compromise on sound. We don’t get 5.1 clarity sound. Manual focus and key
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Q: How do we charge, there is no cable included in the box.

Soran Raj Açık 2019-09-03 10:53:56

yikkkk The way to charge d18 is USB direct charging. Please take the main body off the strap and you can use your phone USB charger or computer to charge it directly.

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Q: What is the Bluetooth version

Soran Raj Açık 2019-07-12 06:20:50

Septimal no bluetooth

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Q: Is it rechargeable battery

Soran Raj Açık 2019-05-15 04:08:31

yikkkk No.

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